The line guy’s techniques: Technician claiming to focus for moments Warner cable tv was advising all on Reddit

The line guy’s techniques: Technician claiming to focus for moments Warner cable tv was advising all on Reddit

A person saying become some time Warner Cable technician try spilling ways on Reddit.

Moments Warner cable tv, the second-largest service provider of TV and online sites in america, informed crystal it is exploring the posts. “We’re incapable of verify if the people is actually an up-to-date or former staff member,” a spokesman stated.

Reddit individual cableguy_the moving an “Ask myself items” (AMA) bond, publishing images of his identification banner and consistent as proposed evidence of his job. Their answers to the questions being available in are extremely honest. Here are several stresses (typos safeguarded).

On Comcast’s pending obtain time Warner wire:

We want the merger considering that the recent cluster responsible might worst type of recently background. Lots of people acquiring discharged as a result of impossible performance metrics. Most of the power was directed at client care representatives and removed through the people who in fact browse the residences and restore difficulty . It’s chaos as well as the providers is now being operate like dump IMHO [in the very humble view].

Throughout the stress between technicians and support agents:

Yea customer representatives and techs tend to be preventing a combat that no person perceives. Most people despise all of them, the two detest us. The two tell clientele the issue is the gear in the event it almost never are. You inform visitors to simply disregard what the dude on the mobile says because it’s likely very good, he has got never ever bound a house, hung a drop or addressed cable.

On what’s actually wrong together with your link:

dont feel 50per cent of just what the associate of the cell shows you. Merely set up the technical. Allow him work. He’s done this earlier. The associate simply suggestions phones. it is rarely the equipment resulting in the issues.

From the key for you to get far better facilitate:

As soon as a tech shows up ,ask for their supervisors amount. Simply tell him it’s just not to burn him or her but to rise a concern. He might label his sup to be certain its great but that can help.

On what’s preventing more quickly online grab rates:

In all honesty, basic analog cable. It will require upwards sooo much bandwidth . 1 network per number vs binding several frequencies to deliver 8 channels for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . If we go 100percent electronic tv.. online are certain to get much faster. Likewise congestion. If you live around a college it’s any outcome . Grandma would use the girl 15 meg for mail and browsing but youthful Johnny school kid blows up the bandwidth in the region making use of netflix and torrenting and playing. However these people pay exactly the same. IMHO what would restore however this is capping data and providing everyone uncapped increase.

On precisely why splitting your very own cable tv hookup is actually a bad idea:

Putting in a splitter to simply attenuate the indicator is actually dumb we all have facts called attenuators that do this without adding unnecessary splitter. However it is correct that too much indication can be just as awful as insufficient we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him his or her career:

I would get discharged determined by that grabs me personally. I would will also get an added bonus their so very hard to share with making use of form this business is presently prepared.

On what Wi-Fi signals are actually unreliable, might become vanquished by opportunities and rooms:

Yes very true. Plaster wall space specifically.Solid material gates, getting into a basements once the router goes in another floors or the other way round. Wireless are a fickle beast.

Individual “broken” cable tv modem:

Yea I listen this a lot. I would personally say in specific year I’d talk about 5% associated with the modems I traded are in fact faulty. Most of us do plenty of puppy and pony show and merely exchange it in any event. The problem is more often than not certainly not gear relating. Modems either succeed or they don’t. Undoubtedly therefore very little among. These are typically easy equipment. We have tv series visitors utilizing el cajon escort girls this laptop almost everything functioning just fine, next switch over back again to her machines and things visits shit. They still desire a fresh modem..Its insanity.

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